My creative workplace

Everyone has their home that are good to come back after all day. Every creator has the creative workplace where can be generated the best ideas.

So what does it mean to be handmade crochet jewelry creator? Is it having only one place to create?

My creative workplace is very wide and spacious, I tried a few times to work in a special room or place, but I realised that it‘s impossible to limit myself. I understand that it would be much easier to work where everything that‘s needed is in one place, so no reason to run and search for scissors or needle. But I noticed that the best ideas come to me while being in nature, travelling. That‘s why until now I don‘t have only one place to create. I don‘t try to force or limit myself, I just enjoy these moments
when I see the future beauty that I‘m going to make. So I put all my needed things into bag, I pick the color of threads and other glitters and I go to work somewhere in nature or garden. Even when I‘m having holiday near the sea, all my crochet things travel together with me. Only in wintertime I can‘t
crochet outside, because of cold it would be almost impossible, but while visiting my brother and sitting near fireplace it‘s so easy and comfortable!

Created Emotionally, rankų darbo apyrankės

Sometimes, I don‘t have all my things needed when inspiration comes, so I draw everything on paper and later I can use them for making new accessories. Usually the finished product is very different from my drawing, however this method helps me to save my idea for the time I am prepared to create.

Creating handmade crochet jewelry in many different places makes me never bored of working. I can spend a good time and also take interesting photos where my accessories are together with blooming spring trees, summer flowers or fruits of autumn.

I can easily work everywhere – in a small room with family, near fireplace surrounded by close friends or while spending my summer evenings in nature with most beautiful sunsets!

Created Emotionally, rankų darbo papuošalai
Created Emotionally, rankų darbo papuošalai

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