7 great ideas how to find a perfect gift

Do you like getting a gift from your friends or relatives? Answer is almost clear because everybody likes getting a gift. And how about finding a gift for someone else? This gets a little bit challenging sometimes… But don’t worry, here in my article I will give you 7 nice ideas how you can
find a perfect gift for everyone! So sit back, relax and start reading!

1. Know what he/she likes and dislikes. We all admit that the best gift is something a person likes, needs and appreciates. The fact is that you can give something valuable to other only if you know what is being valuable to that person (yes, sometimes not what is valuable for you personally). For example, you like to have a dinnerware set at home, you keep it in your large dining room and very often welcome your friends to spend time together and eat from these dishes. So the gift of dinnerware set for you is really perfect. However what would happen if you give a gift of the dishes for your friend who almost never eats at home, has only one plate and cup for himself and meets friends only in a restaurant? For sure, it would not be a good gift, except you want to remind him or her to stay at home more often and invite your for a meal… Seriously speaking that would be not the best choice. I would suggest to write down things, colors, activities, food that your friend likes and dislikes and then start thinking what could be a good gift for him/her. If you are not sure, you can always check on social media channels, it might be really helpful to decide what your friends are interested in.


2. Decide how much money you can spend on a gift. It’s not a secret to you and me that the price we can pay for a gift dedicated to our loved family members and precious friends might be higher than the price of a simple gift for a colleague we work with but don’t communicate after work. So
if you have opportunity to buy diamonds and you want to give them to your friend, just go for it but if you cannot afford it you can skip these shops that sell diamonds and you will save your time for searching a good gift. Also have in mind that not all gifts that are extremely expensive are the right ones to become perfect gifts. It depends on a person if he/she values luxurious things, new cars and devices or maybe he/she values time you spend on making or searching a gift and maybe they appreciate something handmade. I recommend you to read my blog article about value of handmade things More than a thing and you will know what does it mean to buy handmade products and why it takes so much time to produce them. In my shop there are plenty of beautiful handmade crochet jewelry and accessories that might be what you are searching for!


3. Think about the package and presenting. Your gift can be very simple and even not too expensive but if it is well presented and packaged, it might look much better. Find beautiful box, ribbon, colourful paper to put inside if you are preparing yourself. Also many shops are offering to pack your purchase as a gift. Especially when you buy online, you can always check on a website or by asking a seller if you need to pay extra for gift package or is it included in a price. For example in my shop all handmade crochet jewelry already come to you beautifully packaged in a box and with colourful paper inside so you don’t need to think about it by yourself! Another way to present your gift is how you include yourself in a process of giving. You can arrange a party and give a gift from your hands, also it is possible to travel somewhere together and give your gift while your friend is having no idea what is going to be next, like a surprise. Finally you can be a secret gift giver by leaving your box somewhere at his/her home and waiting when this surprise will be found. All these simple presenting tips are easy to make but they will make your present unforgettable!

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4. What about giving new impressions and adventures as a gift? After you take time to know what your friend likes and dislikes you can realise that no material thing can be a perfect gift and maybe you have friend who needs nothing from the household, jewelry, clothes or devices. In this situation I would suggest to think about other type of gifts like ticket to a concert, theater, cinema, dinner in a restaurant, journey, course to learn something new or an air balloon flight. Don’t forget to think maybe it is possible that even you could go together to one of these activities, so your relationship could become even closer and you would give something very very valuable these days – your time!


5. New taste is a gift too! Just don’t think that food as a gift is too simple and easy. Just make sure that your friend is not allergic to anything and is not on a strict diet. After making sure about these things you can try to think if your friend or relative likes trying something new or he/she would better eat something that is traditional and what is always in a good taste. These days there are so many tasty sweets that might be packaged in a very nice way and become a beautiful box filled with delicious pieces of art inside. For me personally food as a gift is like a fastest way to pick a gift because it is almost impossible to not know what food is liked by your friend. Most of the friendships are strongly tighten when having a cup of tea or coffee and sharing a meal. So that means you have many opportunities to give something that will really be tasted and useful. Just don’t make it a habit to give only food gifts because food will not give long lasting effect, a few bites and nothing what would remind your friend about your love. Try sometimes to give things that will last for many years to make your friendship never forgotten.


6. When was the last time your friend was sincerely laughing? Maybe it’s time to give something funny but before that you should study carefully about the sense of humour of your friend. All people are different and what is funny for you, might be offensive to others. So if you are sure that your friend would like a hat with cat ears or would go to work wearing a jumper with something funny written on it, then it might be his/her perfect gift. In my store you can find interesting bacteria or amoeba earrings that also might be a funny gift for a science fan.

Katinėlis, cat

7. Don’t be afraid to take a risk! A perfect gift can be something your friend have never expected you will give! If your sister, mother, friend or girlfriend don’t wear dresses, that doesn’t mean they will never wear a beautiful dress that you gifted. From my personal experience I can say that sometimes we don’t use something just because we never thought we need it. But when we have opportunity to try something new when we get a gift, we might start to like it. Actually taking risks in giving gifts can be really rewarding. Some people are bored of getting same gifts year after year even though they like them. So if you give something unexpected and unusual that might be your best decision in finding a perfect gift.

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I think after reading my ideas of finding a perfect gift for your friend you feel much more confident to find something unique and useful. And remember that your real friends will never leave you even they don’t like a gift you gave them, so there is nothing to worry about. No one can read others minds so it is impossible to know exactly what a person wants without asking straight. And be sure that the most important in giving a gift is not only the thing you give but the emotion you create!


Good luck in your search of a perfect gift! Here you can explore my shop of handmade accessories!

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