All my life is running after creativity or hiding from it…

Created Emotionally is more than just a name, it refers to all feelings and experiences that live in my created handmade accessories.


All started in my early years. My precious mother taught me to crochet when I was a little girl and I started to make jewelry when I was a teenager because I wanted to look unique with my  accessories. All experiences in life add something new to my creations, I feel inspired when spending time in nature, seeing seasons change and travelling. You can find both beaded jewelry from beads, seed beads or natural stones and also crochet accessories in my store.


I am Rasa and I cannot live without creative work. It was not always easy to admit it, so I tried to end everything so many times… However I never could, because all my life is running after creativity or hiding from it. Sometimes it is two steps ahead from me and I put all my efforts to reach it, while other times I try to hide in all possible ways, even I feel completely obsessed of it.


I am sincerely sure that you will really find something lovely, interesting and unique in my store of handmade accessories, something you were always looking for but couldn’t find!

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