All my life
is running after creativity
or hiding from it…

     What is Created Emotionally? That‘s the name of my created handmade crochet jewelry and accessories, it also refers to that special ingredient I use to produce all of them – it‘s emotions and feelings. 

I think you hear very often that something is created or made by hands with love. I really feel the same about what I do, because without love for creativity, my own ideas and my dear customers, it would be impossible to make unique and high quality accessories. However I would like to introduce you one interesting feature of my works – they are created emotionally. 

All my accessories reflect what I felt at that moment when making them. Look at them one more time: in some you will see endless joy, real happiness, loud uncontrolled laughter, in others you can notice hidden smile, eyes that are desperately in love, pure tears, deep thoughts in dreamy eyesight. That‘s why some of my works are colourful and playful, while others are more elegant and in darker colors. The reason of this feelings and emotions changing game is very simple – it‘s my personality. I have very sudden mood change from my childhood, so I was always searching for creative activities to make me more focused. 

My precious mother taught me to crochet when I was a little girl. And I learned to make jewelry when I was a teenager by myself because I wanted to create my own different style but I couldn‘t find anything in stores that would fulfill my imagination. When making crochet and beaded with crystals, beads or natural stones accessories, I can connect these two activities into one and introduce you old crochet traditions with my modern beauty vision.

My name is Rasa. For a sensitive person like me, it was not always easy to show my creative side to others, so I tried to end everything and hide from creativity so many times… Fortunately for me and you, I never could, because all my life is running after creativity or hiding from it. Sometimes it is two steps ahead from me and I put all my efforts to reach it, while other times I try to hide in all possible ways, even I feel completely obsessed of it.

I am sincerely sure that You will really find something lovely, interesting and unique for you in my store of handmade accessories, because everything here is Created Emotionally! 

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